The Scene | Indiana Public Radio

The Scene is a program produced by Indiana Public Radio that features mostly local bands. I worked with another coworker to create this website redesign concept for the program. After examining the current website and creating initial mockups, we created a style guide before working on high fidelity mockups and eventually, the code.

We wanted to use a radial menu that moves from the top of a desktop window to the bottom of a mobile window to adjust for easier reach on a mobile device. We wanted to utilize this type of menu to take advantage of the abilities of the touch screen as well as the younger target audience’s familiarity with technology. The home page features a large image of the┬ámost recent event with upcoming concerts listed below. The color scheme, as requested by the client, has four different options that the program can choose to match with the theme and feel of the featured episode. A full listing of the bands that have been featured can be scrolled through alphabetically, searched by keywords, or sorted through by either genre or mood tags that the program will assign to different bands.