Dear Wormwood

I chose to design an album for one of my favorite bands, The Oh Hellos because I was drawn to the narrative quality of their lyrics. When I chose to do Dear Wormwood, the album hadn’t actually been released so I based the entire design on the title song, which had been released as a single. I really wanted to capture the story within the album that they described as a continuing the story from their previous album which was more about the character’s past while Dear Wormwood is about the future. This personal story felt so organic to me and I really wanted to tell the story with the passing of seasons in a booklet attached in the beginning of the case. The nine members of the band create a very layered sound and I wanted to use pen and ink, actual objects from nature, and some photo editing to try and represent that depth in the photos that I took. The story starts in the summer, which represents the character’s childhood and follows into winter and the abusive relationship. It ends in the spring and the character’s realization of who the antagonist is and the breaking of the control the character has allowed the antagonist to have in his life.